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hello everyone,this is my first time using this blog. After the FC2 site was blocked,  I have been searching for a more safe but secret (in our country ,safe is opsite to secret) blog site.
I have use the blogbus for about 2 years and the baidu space for about 1 year.  However, those 2 ones are too public especially the space, so I have no choice but using the Japanese blogsite the FC2,. Unfortunatelly, on my signing up the blog, it was HXed.

These days, when I searching for news and graphics about Johnnys, the livejouranl always jump into my eyes, I have found many precious pics and news about what I am interested in. So, with hope, I tried to sign up this blog, and believe that it would not be HXed so quickly.

Now I have a question that is livejournal support leading in other site's blog.

Finally I would like to have a brief introduction about my intrests. Now my greatest interest is to find more and more pics about my idol——yamashita tomohisa, or 山下智久. I have watched all of his movies and dramas, and also, I have collected a large amount of his shops, magazines, and calendars. I like him not only because his handsome face, but also his personality.
On the other hand, I am also interested in other Johnnys Idols such as the KinkiKids and Arashi. By the way, Iam always attracted by those lovely little boys and girls, I have no evil ideas but only attracted by their loveliness. So the Hey say Jump and Snow princese are also included in my collecting subject. Furthermore, Kamiki ryunosuke from the Amuse Company is also my favourate actor or idol. I think he is perfect in acting, while he is also a gentle and clever boy.

As to music, I have played piano for ten years. I like Bach's music the most, but now I am crazy about the songs of KK, Arashi and Mayday. I think their songs can bring me strengh.

So,  this is the end.



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